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IARC Scientific Publications No. 146

The Use of Short- and Medium-term Tests for Carcinogens and Data on Genetic Effects in Carcinogenic Hazard Evaluation

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  Edited by D.B. McGregor, J.M. Rice and S. Venitt
320 pages
ISBN 92 832 2146 X
US$ 30

In October 1997, an expert meeting discussed the use in carcinogen evaluation of emerging short and medium-term carcinigenicity tests, including transgenic and knockout mouse models, and results from the use of multistage cancer models. The significance of specific gene alterations found in human and rodent tumours were considered, as were the significance of genetic and related properties of chemical agents.
This IARC Scientific Publication is a sister volume to the IARC Monographs, and includes a consensus document setting out the weight that data derived from such tests can be given when making evaluations of carcinogenic risks to humans.