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Advisory Group to Recommend Priorities for the IARC Monographs during 2020–2024
Participants (25–27 March 2019)
The Lancet Oncology: article; PDF.

Advisory Group to Recommend an Update to the Preamble
Participants (12–14 November 2018)
Scientific Webinar, 17 September 2018: agenda; slides; video
Public Comments
Q&A on the updating of the Preamble to the IARC Monographs (updated on 6 July 2018)
Summary Statement
Preamble to the IARC Monographs, amended January 2019

Vol. 123
Some Nitrobenzenes and Other Industrial Chemicals
Participants (9–16 October 2018)
The Lancet Oncology: article; pdf

Vol. 122
Isobutyl Nitrite, β-Picoline, and Some Acrylates
Participants (5–12 June 2018)
The Lancet Oncology: article; pdf

Vol. 121
Styrene, Styrene-7,8-oxide, and Quinoline
Participants (20–27 March 2018)
The Lancet Oncology: article; pdf
French version of The Lancet Oncology summary (hosted by Centre Léon Bérard)

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Last update: 18 April 2019