IARC Monographs on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans

Volume 114 (2018)

Red Meat and Processed Meat

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  Contents and Note to the Reader
  List of Participants
  List of Abbreviations


  1. Exposure Data

  2. Cancer in Humans
    2.1 General issues
    2.2 Cancer of the colorectum
    2.3 Cancer of the stomach
    2.4 Cancer of the pancreas
    2.5 Cancer of the prostate
    2.6 Cancer of the breast
    2.7 Cancer of the lung
    2.8 Cancer of the oesophagus
    2.9 Other cancers
  3. Cancer in Experimental Animals

  4. Mechanistic and Other Relevant Data

  5. Summary of Data Reported

  6. Evaluation


These tables were produced in draft form by the Working Group and have not been subsequently fact-checked or edited. Please report any errors to imo@iarc.fr

  Supplementary Table 2.3.1
  Supplementary Table 2.3.3

  Supplementary Table 2.4.2
  Supplementary Table 2.4.4

  Supplementary Table 2.5.2
  Supplementary Table 2.5.4

  Supplementary Table 2.6.1
  Supplementary Table 2.6.2
  Supplementary Table 2.6.3
  Supplementary Table 2.6.4

  Supplementary Table 2.7.1
  Supplementary Table 2.7.2
  Supplementary Table 2.7.3
  Supplementary Table 2.7.4

  Supplementary Table 2.8.1
  Supplementary Table 2.8.2
  Supplementary Table 2.8.3
  Supplementary Table 2.8.4

  Supplementary Table 2.9.1
  Supplementary Table 2.9.2
  Supplementary Table 2.9.3
  Supplementary Table 2.9.4